Jayme Neverton
Concept, Texture and Production Artist

Currently Employed At
Babaroga Games, llc.
Concept and Production Artist, 3 years

Photoshop, Illustrator, Maxon Bodypaint Cinema4d, Zbrush,  Maya

Minneapolis College of Art and Design
BFA in Comic Art

References and alternative contacts are listed on my linkedin profile.

While currently residing in Chicago, Illinois, I’m more than open to the prospect of moving far afield, whatever that takes. It’s cold here.

More about me, you ask? Alright.
I’m a gamer, a texture artist, and a wannabe-gardener. I’m always trying to learn something new and keep making art. When I’m gaming, I love games that are both pretty and exciting. Right now I’m playing League of Legends, Magicka, Infamous2, and finishing up LA Noire. I also have quite a backlog I’m sifting through. I play a tauren balance druid on the odd occasion I play wow, and I have a rather severe obsession with owls and their goofy little faces. I’m usually rocking out in TurnTable on my twitter name, Neverheidae, most nights. And mornings.

The best part about making games for a living is hand-painting textures on the weirdest assortment of stuff imaginable. Not many jobs let you pour love into a mailbox or a stump all day one day, and the gaping maw of an undead fiend the next. I love explaining what I do to 8 year olds, because it’s pretty much the equivalent of declaring yourself a wizard.

I’m trying to grow a fig tree indoors in Chicago. It’s not very sunny here most of the year. So that could be going better. My fig and I will happily move wherever we can find work painting textures and such.