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  • Life Drawing Dump!

    I’ve been going to a life drawing session for the past few weeks with a friend and co-worker of mine, (thanks, @eyetosky) and I figured I would upload some of the sketches.…

  • tradition

    Started a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign, which, as tradition dictates, means a little art for the new character. So, this is Eydis Sigilhild, Fey touched sorceress extraordinaire, big fat liar, and…

  • Gratuitous Dragons

    Was in a bit of an art funk, lately. So I made a dragon. Now I rather feel better about life in general.

  • Observatory

    Finished this up last night. I think I might start building more of the “town” around it, possibly.

  • Tiny Summoner

    Hooray! Finished this little guy up in the wee hours last night. He was a lot of fun, and a lot of new tricks learned.

  • Sneak peak; a little summoner

    Working hard on getting some new 3d stuff done, I’m mostly finished with this little fella, but not quite yet.

  • Treehouse

    Since I’ve pretty much only worked with textures for realtime shaders and gameplay, and I’ve never ever done an interior, I decided to combine to two into one project, and dug out…

  • Inventor

    Got stuck in a bit of an art rut, and decided to go back to old inspirations. I went on a nice long Disney and Miyazaki movie binge, and then got the…

  • Braaainsss…

    Found an old brain-eater! Did him for a client that wanted a retro-style horror illustration.

  • Gesture sketches

    New website look’s gone live, and not much new art today, as after last month’s sketch-a-day spree, I’m working on some longer form projects. But, gestures!