Gesture sketches

Man, last week was hectic; lots of stuff on the half done plate. But the good kind of hectic.

I’m “detailing the Dezkin”, not for the Mari contest; but just to try texturing on something that amazingly high-poly. I’m usually on eeety bitty teeny mobile and iphone models, so it will be a nice fun stretch. I’ll put some WIPs up when I’m a bit more past the “I wonder what this does?” phase. I put up the new (mostly debugged) website, and figured out some fun new stuff with shaders at work, and got out build up on my 360 at home this weekend, which was pretty exciting, since the TV at work is a piece of crap with fuzzy red snow everywhere.

[frame_center src=”” href=””]
Found a fun new tool courtesy of a co-worker that makes gesture drawing so easy that I would be hard pressed not to find an excuse to do at least a few minutes a day. And, its something I haven’t done for myself in a while, so it’s time to get back to basics! 10 minutes; here ya go.