Here We Go

Well, this is it. No more procrastination, no more excuses. I am publishing my artblog, and I’m doing it today.

There are still a few parts of the site that aren’t quite working yet, as I’ve tried an experiment, in order to keep myself from fussing over every little website detail and thus not doing any of the other projects I have queued up. I’m trying one of those newfangled premade wordpress themes this time around, so the kinks are slightly unexpected.a jungle environment

Most notably, the gallery is a little bit borked right now, as the lightbox component is just sulking off in a corner sucking its thumb and refusing to play.

Other than that, the conspicuous lack of content is all my fault, and is wholly intentional. Updates with real content will be happening every Saturday and Tuesday.

I’ll start off with a bit of art I did for an environmentalist’s game proposal; a lush, dark, and brooding jungle, of the sort a panther would love to stalk.

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